Saturday, February 11, 2012

LFL +++

Abbotsford Suxx

like, seriously.

In your life, you will never understand how mad I am about this.
deeply disturbed.

Do you want to know why?  Yeaaaaahhh?!

Here are the two biggest reasons:

I am mad at superChristians who put words into God's mouth.

I am mad at the pseudo Liberals who will defend anything in the name of progress.

Reading these comments here, has been the most unenlightening time of my life.

Here are some choice ones...

"This will be a true test of women's freedom. Things like this do not oppress women nor do they injure the moral fibre of a community. "
"only fat women have a problem with it go figure."
Will they be checking IDs at the door or can any age group watch? Frankly, if I had a 12-13 year old son, I wouldn't want his raging hormones anywhere near one of those games!
Objectification is oppressive to women.  To make a statement that this sport could be anything but oppressive to women is flawed.  There isn't so much to say here, because it is SO OBVIOUS to me, that I can't think...
Empowerment does not come from parading around in underpants, so men can drool over you.
Lingerie football is not the voice Betty Frieden writes about, dying to be heard, longing for something more. 
Thinking that other women could find this empowering makes me wanna vom, you know? 
Doing what you want makes you free, but what is making these women think this is what they want?  If they want to play football, why not play football?  If you need to play sports in underwear to be successful in a sport, to make a name for yourself as an athlete,
 you're not doing it for yourself.
As well,
To make statements like "only fat women have a problem with it go figure," not only proves that you are so dumb you can't come up with your own jokes, but you're also proving that you are only interested to see the women's bodies. 
Double as well,
To not want your son to go to these events is saying that LFL is purely for the erotic and not for the sport...
I hate the town in which I live.
Thankfully, there were a few sparkling rays of light commenting here.
"It's not safe to walk on the street if you're a woman, and you think this is going to discourage the attacks? Think about it. Men, you can do better than that."
(Keeping in mind that news of the LFL coming to our town came right after a - still unsolved - sexual assualt case)
"These women are not confident and secure! They do not value or respect themselves as they should. Society has placed such a high value on sex appeal, and in order for them to feel good about themselves and have tickets sell they need to be wearing next to nothing. What does that tell you? Men can play a sport and be taken seriously (wearing all of their clothes, their bodies being protected properly) and women... in order to have fans need to be near naked. Is that liberating? That tells me that the men are in control of this, not women! This does not come down to women's rights! It comes down to perversion, weak morals and insecurity. Women are being brought down to toys, not human beings with equal rights and opportunities. Men do not look at this and think "what strong women", no they have them rapped around their finger like a puppet doing what ever they want them to do in order to make money! Women need to wake up and realize that we are not mirror sex toys!"
This upsets me even more than Sarah Jessica Parker playing Gloria Steinem...

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