Saturday, February 11, 2012

LFL +++

Abbotsford Suxx

like, seriously.

In your life, you will never understand how mad I am about this.
deeply disturbed.

Do you want to know why?  Yeaaaaahhh?!

Here are the two biggest reasons:

I am mad at superChristians who put words into God's mouth.

I am mad at the pseudo Liberals who will defend anything in the name of progress.

Reading these comments here, has been the most unenlightening time of my life.

Here are some choice ones...

"This will be a true test of women's freedom. Things like this do not oppress women nor do they injure the moral fibre of a community. "
"only fat women have a problem with it go figure."
Will they be checking IDs at the door or can any age group watch? Frankly, if I had a 12-13 year old son, I wouldn't want his raging hormones anywhere near one of those games!
Objectification is oppressive to women.  To make a statement that this sport could be anything but oppressive to women is flawed.  There isn't so much to say here, because it is SO OBVIOUS to me, that I can't think...
Empowerment does not come from parading around in underpants, so men can drool over you.
Lingerie football is not the voice Betty Frieden writes about, dying to be heard, longing for something more. 
Thinking that other women could find this empowering makes me wanna vom, you know? 
Doing what you want makes you free, but what is making these women think this is what they want?  If they want to play football, why not play football?  If you need to play sports in underwear to be successful in a sport, to make a name for yourself as an athlete,
 you're not doing it for yourself.
As well,
To make statements like "only fat women have a problem with it go figure," not only proves that you are so dumb you can't come up with your own jokes, but you're also proving that you are only interested to see the women's bodies. 
Double as well,
To not want your son to go to these events is saying that LFL is purely for the erotic and not for the sport...
I hate the town in which I live.
Thankfully, there were a few sparkling rays of light commenting here.
"It's not safe to walk on the street if you're a woman, and you think this is going to discourage the attacks? Think about it. Men, you can do better than that."
(Keeping in mind that news of the LFL coming to our town came right after a - still unsolved - sexual assualt case)
"These women are not confident and secure! They do not value or respect themselves as they should. Society has placed such a high value on sex appeal, and in order for them to feel good about themselves and have tickets sell they need to be wearing next to nothing. What does that tell you? Men can play a sport and be taken seriously (wearing all of their clothes, their bodies being protected properly) and women... in order to have fans need to be near naked. Is that liberating? That tells me that the men are in control of this, not women! This does not come down to women's rights! It comes down to perversion, weak morals and insecurity. Women are being brought down to toys, not human beings with equal rights and opportunities. Men do not look at this and think "what strong women", no they have them rapped around their finger like a puppet doing what ever they want them to do in order to make money! Women need to wake up and realize that we are not mirror sex toys!"
This upsets me even more than Sarah Jessica Parker playing Gloria Steinem...

Saturday, February 4, 2012



I am so glad I do not pay anything, really.  I super appreciate!


I don't really agree or understand them, I guess.  Maybe because I am so selfish.

So, here are some highlights of what I am sure you will agree, are dumb, unfair, fees,
That I have 'paid' in my 3 years and 2 semesters of taking only one course

ANCILLERY FEE    $1,375.25
1The ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund, student accident insurance, and the construction of the student activity centre. It is set at 10% of the tuition.

Student Union Society Fee  $325.00
..I don't even know what this covers, really.  I'm sure a portion goes to on-campus events and student clubs, but, I don't really know what else.  Still, I would rather pay this than Ancillery fees!

U-PASS $320.00
I get discounts at places I never go to.  I get to go to Rec Centers, that I don't go to.  I get ONE free cab ride >25 bones.  I have to pay if I lose the dumb thing!
People living not in the Tri-City-Trap don't give a fuuuuuuuck about these things, people with cars don't care either.  I wish I could opt-out of this like the equal-dumb health and dental plan.

Cascade Newspaper Fee $49.50
I think this is way unfair.  The Cascade I use - reading, collaging, writing, friendship - a lot more than my U-Pass, but I have paid less than a teenagers allowance for it!!  WTF

Application Fee $45


Radio Station Fee $33.00
I have paid more to apply to attend UFV than I have in total for a Radio Station fee.  I know I am bias, but serious?!!??!!!

anyway, this is lame.

I'm so sorry you have to pay all of these for realsie!

Monday, January 30, 2012


i likes'd this!!
me:  It's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore's (Sonic Youth) 17 year old daughter's album
It's inteeeeeeeeeeeense

mother:  cooooool actual[ly] i even know how cool that sounds

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ind. Stud.


I am so so so so s oooo excited for Painting V I could barf all over my friends and family!

I am ripping off this one girl's idea from my last painting class.
She painted all chili peppers in different artist styles.

And I am doing that too, but instead of peppers, cassette tapes
and using different artists, or, at least different reference points.

THATS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I am going to be doing portraits of music people I like


CASSETTE TAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Friday, January 13, 2012



Whenever someone posts a cute video/picture/status about their kid,
I just wanna tell them about how cute my cats are!!

I refrain, because I also expect them to
1) understand
2) relate
3) not be offended
4) not make me feel weird

But, I know, in the hustle and bustle of today's ultra PC, easily offended, can't take a joke, society,
no one would understand.

everyone would be mad at me,
because I compared a child (that shits, pisses and voms all over itself)
to an animal.


"Baby is so cute lernin' how 2 use tha pottie"  - shitty mom
"Neat, the kittes took their steamers in the litter box, as usual"  - AwesomeAlicia

"Aweee, my little baby Angeel is takin da bathzz in da tubz"  - shitty mom
"My kits hate baths, they go meowmeowscratchscratch"  - AwesomeAlicia
(note, the original post would probably have a picture of baby in
the bathtub, which I would report for nudity)

"Baby iz keepin' me ^ all night wit a cough"  - shitty mom
"lock it in the kennel, that's what I do when the kits are bad"  - AwesomeAlicia

"So kute baby is lernin' to talk an axe 4 shit"  - shitty mom
"the kits meow when they are hungry,
but sometimes I don't know why they meow"  - AwesomeAlicia

And so on and so on.
As you can see in these over-exaggerated examples,
I don't allow myself to post comments that are trying to relate to parents through my pets.

because it's weird and dummums would be offended.

to end this post, I will give you a list of why my KitKats are better than your babeh

1) they will never not be cute
2) they will always love me
3) they don't cost lots of money
4) they won't abandon me
5) they clean themselves
6) people don't look at me like I fucked up my lyph

List of people I want to Paint

This list will be on-going,

And by on-going I mean I'll probably forget/stop caring.

These are people I want to paint next I think think think think

Walter Matthau
Louis Riel
John Belushi
Jay Reatard
The Cancer Man
Kathleen Hanna
Nick Cave
Ian McKellen

Obvious I can't paint all of these people, but I wannawanna!!

Hopefully this semester I can paint lots of pop-portraits and build my stinky portfolio -

for whatever reason.


Today it's been 2 years since Jay Reatard died.

Total bummer, he made the best music of our time, easily.

Check out the podcast of last Monday's Mood Swings show, (all Reatard++covers!)

I... don't know how to link podcasts, so, you figure it out!!

Here are some somber Reatard songs for you to hear and think about



one of the last recordings, says

Friday, December 30, 2011


I knew I hated Pitchfork for a reason.

I don't understand why any band would not want to be compared to a riot grrrl band,
especially since bands these days are total shitcrap
and should take any complement they can get.

I think it's mega funny that around the time riot grrrls were doing their thing,
women were denying feminism.

Even women who were organizing take back the night rallies, protests, and whatever were denying that they were feminists despite the fact that what they were doing was like, ultrafeminist.

Pitchfork comes out with this stupid article about girl bands denying the fact that they are riot grrrls.

Ahh, 20 year trends, how you never fail. 

if you're a girl in a band,
and you think riot grrrl and feminism are stupid.
then you're literally the dumbest in the universe.

If you're in a feminist band
and don't want to be compared to riot grrrl,
you're being hypocritical,
and that's lame.

I think what really, really, reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally
bothers me the most

is that people put some much weight into these Pitchfork articles
and now some dumb girls are going to be like,
"riot grrrl is stupid, don't compare us to that"

Pitchfork is to hipsters as CNN is to old people.

please stop basing your own opinions
off of one person's opinion you read on Pitchfork.

Friday, December 23, 2011



I am so excitement for the Christmas!
I got my child sisters so much swag! 
This is the first year I am moooore excite to see them open then to see what items I get!

I have no clue what Mum got me, but I know one thing Grandma got me because she had to call and double check ahhaha!


for now, I'll tell you about this sweetheart book I'm about to get:::

Its this super dope GRRRL book that was just recently released!

I can't wait-o!
Double excite: We're not doing anything for Christmas!!!
Every year everyone wants us to be everywhere.  edcvggte

SO,  this year we threw in the towel and
we're gonna has breakfast for dinner and watch UNCLE BUCK
and, if I get my way, THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

(I've just recently admitted that the Fifth Element is one of my favourite movies.)

Jesus would be totally stoked!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dinosaur Jr.


So I went to Dinosaur Jr. w/ the Makeup Sex and an interview with Henry Rollins tonight with Mom.

It was great, I totally didn't really know who they were before, but I knew of them and heard like, a hit or two, but they blew me away from life!!!!!!

They played their album Bug in whole and some other hits, but I didn't recognize anything really because I've only been listening to The Lung on repeat. 
Before the show was the interview with Henry Rollins.  He interviewed them, they were very high guys,
Especially Jay Mascis, who said things like "I don't remember" as answers to questions.

Something that wasn't really on the song recordings I listened to was distortion.
I kept saying, before, they sound like the Foo Fighters ripped them off harsh

But no. 

So yeah they were crazy, their songs didn't drag
and the last song on Bug, Don't, was the most amazing thing I've ever heard live.

I'm so glad I went to this show. 
And I'm so glad Mom came because she was super fun to go with and was either really good at pretending to be into it, or was really into it.  Either way it was great!

Mom got me the cassette tape boxset of their first three albums!

(and gave him a CiVL pin!)

Triple plus,
Lou Barlow shredded our hearts in half with his bass and with his hair!

three things that were totally lame though were:
  • loser 80's burnout 80's guy attitudes
  • generic Smashing Pumpkins grunge played in bewteen

That's all I have to say now though, because distortion blew my ears and brains away forever.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Televisionetic II

The Walking Dead

All my friends like it, but it's so boring!!!  I watched all 7 episodes of Season 2 and it's like the whole season was a build-up to the last episode.  The rising build-up was for a pointless climax //disappoint

It came to a point where I was watching it for 2 reasons:
1) To know what my friends are saying
2) For the characters I am annoyed by the least

All of the characters were so annoying. 
That one guy who does the other guys wife in season 1 was supposed to be dark and brooding, but he was annoying.
That old guy who tries to be wise and tries to be a father figure to the blonde girl was annoying.
That blonde girl who accidently shoots the inbred and is always mean to the old guy, who fucked the dark brooding guy was annoying.
The wife of the main guy who took all the morning after pills was annoying.
The kid who got shot, who I really wanted to die was annoying.

I liked Carol, Daryl and Glenn though!  and I liked Hershel because old men are dope on tv!!
But by 'liked' I really mean those characters pissed me off the least.  Still annoying, but less.

I like watching 90210, everything happens in an instant, maybe between 1-3 episodes, if 90210 had a whole season building up to one event, it wouldn't be worth watching.  They utilize all of their characters so that something is always happening.  This is not the case for the Walking Dead.

I can watch a dragged out storyline if it's worth it (X-Files' main storyline has been playing out since Season 1, I'm on Season 4 and still am impressed).

The Walking Dead is an endless build up of annoying people doing annoying stuff.



Thursday, December 8, 2011

Televisionetic I

X-Files Season 4, Episode 2 "Home":  Scariest episode so far. 

Inbreds scare me more than anything
(other than unknown creatures of the deep sea). 

So many things ripped off by House of 1000 Corpses in this episode.
  Rob Zombie is a douche.

Q:  Who goes into a house where there are three big honking inbreds with only Scully and some no-brains local officer, named "Pastor," really?

On a lighter note, 
I don't know if I can wait until January 10th to see what's going to become of:
Liam's modelling career
Marla's inheritance
Naomi and that inbred's relationship
etc, etc.

If I was like, 4 seconds away from being super famous, I would sell out Adrianna in a second. 
Navid's injury make-up was so over-done it was embarassing. 
I thought there was zero tolerance for Profs dating students.

Are there different drinking laws in Beverly Hills, because I thought they were all still in their teens :S

Friday, December 2, 2011

"War of the Worlds" (Cruise 2005).


So, CiVL is going through this, like, referendum period right now becuase we're requesting the student fee be increased to $7 instead of $3.

I made these kind of pooey flyers, the writing was kinda too much in a smallish kind of space.

So, our silly-willy friends at the Cascade wrote an almost funny, but poorly timed, article about us,
or, specifically, the poster I made.

So your silly-Williams friend wrote one back, because I thought my poster was very.


So here it is, at long last:

We don't hate each other, we're siblings.
I don't want anyone to be mad at anyone for anything because that's super lame.

I like fun!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kill Yr Idols


I just watched this movie called Kill Your Idols.  You know I loved it forever.

I love Lydia Lunch
I love Thurston Moore
I love Liars
I love finding out about stuff I didn't know about when the stuff is really good
Most importantly: I LOVE LYDIA LUNCH

maybe I love the idea of her.


She said a few really cool things in this movie. 

Before NO WAVE punk was still following a blues/Chuck Berry chord structure (obviously there are always exceptions to the rule).
So, this means to me, that nowave is more punk than punk.
But, punks thinks bands like Sonic Youth are lame art-fags.

SO, this means to me (as if it already didn't) punks are dumb shits vest losers, RIGHT!!!?

Lydia Lunch also said that in the 70's they didn't have to deal with the same shit NY bands do now
and that is
labels taking their image and selling it back to them

ex: The Strokes

Lydia Lunch is amazing, and this movie (it's on Netflix) is worth watching just for her insights on music, because she is really real.

But yeah, it kind of reminded me of this Bikini Kill song from their worst album Reject All American.
The song is RIP and in it says
"you can't put how I feel in a package, and sell it back to everyone"

Think of that shiiatt next time you tune in to the fucking Peak.

I'm so glad I don't socialize..

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Just hearing his name pisses me off...

This guy bothers me so much there is already a post about how I don't like him!

This guy isn't creative, he leaches creativity from others.

In the mid-ninties he wanted to be a rapper.
In the early two-thousands he was in an electro/dance-punk band.
In two-thousand-nine he was in an indie/folk band.
And now, he is releasing solo material.

So, he leaches creativity, and latches onto trends.

I fucking hate you, Alexander Ebert.

...and, I'm not the only one who does.

Making music for the fame factor means you make music that doesn't matter.
I can't wait until you disappear.